Collapse 2050 Manifesto

Collapse 2050 Manifesto
Photo by Qingbao Meng / Unsplash
Climate change. Economic collapse. AI takeover. Nuclear exchange. Class warfare.

The risks are real. Things are getting worse and we all see the signs around us.

Civilization is crumbling, yet nobody talks about it. How can you when only a small portion of the population is "collapse aware". Nobody wants to be the party pooper.

I often observe people going about their daily lives and wonder: do they see what I see?

This is why I started writing about collapse and created this site. It's a safe place for the collapse aware to learn, share, discuss, debate, prepare and grieve.

Reader Supported

To remain unbiased and factual, I will never accept advertising dollars. Advertising ties traditional media companies to the interests of their sponsors - the very corporate entities causing our demise.

Instead, Collapse 2050 is reader supported. Readers can support by subscribing or providing a one-time donation. Every dollar makes a difference!

Your support helps me invest more into the site. Investment means deeper articles, guest experts, primary research, and more. Your support also helps me devote more time to the site. Eventually, I'd like to add original audio and video.

I know not everyone can support financially. For that reason, the site will remain free for all. The message is too important to hide behind a paywall.

If you can't support financially, you can still help by reading and sharing.

Finally, if you have any comments, feedback or suggestions please reach out to me.

Sarah Connor