Acapulco: A Modern City of 1 Million People Destroyed in Under 24 Hours

Acapulco is a large, modern coastal city. Destroyed without warning. It is a warning of what's to come.


Hurricane Otis breaking modern records:

  • First category 5 storm to hit east Pacific coast
  • Most intense storm to hit Mexican Pacific coast
  • Fastest storm intensification ever

From a tropical storm to category 5 hurricane in under 24hrs, this caught everyone by surprise. Not only was the speed of transformation shocking, this storm was destructive!


It will take a long time and a lot of money to rebuild Acapulco. This time, the money will be spent to rebuild Acapulco but as coastal cities are repeatedly destroyed there will be a point at which these cities are simply abandoned.

By that point, wealthier inhabitants will leave and governments - already running massive budget deficits - will divert investment away from lost causes to reinforcing inland infrastructure, food production and resource needs.

Those too poor to leave will remain and live a slum-like existence with minimal infrastructure-support from their government.

Coming soon to a coastal city near you.

Al Gore: "We Have a Global Emergency"

COP and governments around the world have been co-opted by the fossil fuel industry and Al Gore is mad as hell.

Seriously, I've never seen him as fired up as this.

Al Gore was almost elected president in 2000. In a close (and contentious) race, Al Gore was defeated by fossil-fuel-friendly George Bush and Dick Cheney.

How different would the world be today if Al Gore actually won?