Gov'ts and Corps Hoarding Global Food Resources

Documentary "The Grab" explores food as a weapon to control people

Gov'ts and Corps Hoarding Global Food Resources
Photo by Scott Goodwill / Unsplash

June 14 Documentary Release: "The Grab"

Population growth + energy scarcity + water shortages + floods + droughts. The combined implication of these issues = food scarcity.

The 21st century will be defined by access to food. Governments, corporations and mercenaries are vying for control over the world's food supply. The land rush is happening now ahead of biosphere collapse and conflict. It's not just about ensuring supply. It's about control. Control the food and you control the people.

“The Grab” is a documentary that explores the international race to control access to food and water. I plan to watch this over the weekend, if I have access. Food security, a particular interest of mine, is the biggest risk to human civilization. The Grab looks relevant to impending civilizational collapse, so I'm sharing with you.

The documentary, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, will stream on Prime, YouTube, Apple TV and elsewhere.

In case you can't access the documentary, read an interview with Cowperthwaite or watch the following video with Nate Halverson, The Grab producer: