Life is Collapsing

Life on earth is collapsing. We need to wake the hell up. This plays out in the next 20-30 years. Here are 2 must-see videos.

Life is Collapsing

Today I'm sharing two must-watch videos.

These are long so save this for when you have a couple hours to invest.

The first video is a deep conversation with an establishment scientist - Steven Chu - who was Secretary of Energy within the Obama administration. His views bridge the gap between pure science and BAU politics. Some label him as a techno-optimist, but his predictions are far more realistic than those we hear from present and past administrations. Chu believes 2.5 degrees is baked in, nuclear is necessary, net zero will not happen and carbon capture won't be ready until 2070s.

The second video features Arthur Keller, a systems thinker and an information processing engineer by training. Keller is a consultant, teacher and author, focusing on systemic risks and resilience strategies. In this frank presentation, he demonstrates why life on earth is collapsing, cuts through the greenwashing and explains our remaining choices. Keller believes we have 20-30 years left.

Nobel Prize Winner Stephen Chu:

He starts discussing climate breakdown at 42min.

Systems Thinker, Arthur Keller:

Long but good.

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