Requiem for Humanity

Final thoughts on humanity's failure and destiny.

Requiem for Humanity
Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust / Unsplash

Today we mourn.

Not for a friend or loved one, but for all. We grieve for the end of an epoch cut short by greed, apathy and lust for power. We grieve for the future generations never to exist.

We are the last to witness what could have been.

We squandered our gift. We gorged on our bounty in a burst of gluttony, instead of rationing it to ensure a lasting contentment. Not just for us, but for all.

What we had may be the first and last the stars will ever see. The product of billions of years of happenstance, human consciousness was born against all odds. With the gifts of ingenuity, foresight and self-determination, we rose among the fauna. With that power, it became our responsibility to shepherd our flock.

It was a short and often brutal existence, lasting only a moment in the span of cosmic time. But during that moment, humanity was magical.

We learned, created and loved. Mankind communicated to future generations, worked with the earth, crafted masterpieces and pondered our own existence. However, in the end, our lasting legacy will be the physical monuments to our gluttony.

In the rarest of possibilities, if future societies emerge from our ashes and uncover our artifacts, how will we be remembered?

For with all our promise, we were really monsters. Our greed steered us beyond limit. We consumed and neglected the responsibility bestowed upon us. We committed atrocities against our fellow man. We chose genocide, famine and war in exchange for money, power and comfort.

This was not preordained and it's not part of some master plan. There will be no re-dos in some fantasy destination. And if you do believe, I must warn you He is disappointed.

This is it. Our one chance, come and gone.

We were warned, but chose convenience over reality. The result was known long before we chose our fate. Instead of simplicity we sacrificed ourselves in the name of greed.

It turned out our greatest strength was also our greatest weakness. May we be a lesson to any that come after us.

Collapse 2050 Manifesto
Climate change. Economic collapse. AI takeover. Nuclear exchange. Class warfare. The risks are real. Things are getting worse and we all see the signs around us. Civilization is crumbling, yet nobody talks about it. How can you when only a small portion of the population is “collapse aware”. Nobody wants